Sometimes new clients are very keen to generate masses of media coverage as soon as possible. That’s terrific, but we also often advise that it’s not necessarily always in your best interests to, as it were, let ‘the media tail wag the company dog’.

By that we mean that the media & communications strategy we develop with you should always, in our view, tuck in behind, and reflect, the main corporate strategy you’ve created for your company.


Firstly, we want to hear all about your past successes and future ambitions, your client-base profile, where you see yourself in five years’ time. You’ll find us very proactive in proposing strategies to help you achieve those aims, but we’re also very respectful of your preferences and keen to work with your ideas.

From our experience, simple, powerful ideas work best with the media and will always form the backbone of our approach. You’ll have a vision of how you want to develop your brand. Our strategy will reflect your vision, and we’ll always be ready to fine-tune it as we go along.

Nowadays, there are many different media platforms, and different ways to present your story, maybe through social media, traditional print publications, or on the web or airwaves. We will generate news items, features and case studies about you and your employees, strong pictures or blogs, and many other items. All part of the strategy.

If you’d like to call us at any time, with no obligation, just to chat through a challenge you’re facing, please just pick up the phone. We’re happy to talk things over with you, at no cost, maybe offer you some general advice – and always in strict confidence.